DNAR Games Studio

UK EXPO 2018


Wow we're excited about this!  Come and join us and all of the other fanatics at the UK's biggest board gaming event!  We can't wait to roam around and get excited for everyone else as well as ourselves, we had such an incredible time last year and vowed that this year we would have our own prototypes with our own stall, and by jove we have done exactly that!

Come and say hi and meet the team at our stall we are located:


At the stall our small team of amazing people will be on hand to help you play through 'Vikings In Space' and to answer any questions you may have about it.

There's so much to get involved with including massive competitions, but it's not all about winning.  In fact, last year we were blown away by how friendly and inviting the community as a whole is from the newest noob right up to the most successful developers and publishers.  We've applied for the Wyvern's Lair, and will be there for the press night too, and on top of that we're hoping to catch as many seminars and workshops as is humanly possible whilst maintaining our stall.

Here's a link to the official website.  Get a ticket, it's soooo worth it.  We'll hope to see you there!