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Winter 2018

When's it starting?

Vikings, space, TV production companies battling it out for the best live-stream...  You know, the usual.

What can you expect?

Our estimated total cost of producing our initial run is £50,000, which will probably require around 1,000 backers based on an average pledge amount.

What is the funding goal?

The pledge rewards and stretch goals of course!  We already believe this to be an amazing game, but with help from all the lovely kickstarter backers out there it will only get better!  We have a lot of extra content ready and waiting to go that (with unlocked stretch goals) we will be able to include in the base game for all game-purchasing backers, as well as expansion card packs and scenarios that (should the funding pot exceed our target) we will be able to offer for the more generous backers amongst you.

For a very special pledge category, we're also offering the unique opportunity to be immortalised into the art of the game!  Our incredible artist for the project, Ricardo Zerpa, is on hand to turn you into viking caricatures which will make up the character art in the game.  The highest pledgers of each category will receive this special treatment - even the highest 'contributor' pledge category will carry this reward!   Enticing, eh?

What DNAR are excited about...


If you are interested in hearing more about 'Vikings In Space' then leave a message for us through our contact section, or sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch - we promise of course never to use your email address for anything other than sending you gifs of cats.

If you are interested in coming to any of the events we will be holding/attending across the UK, then keep an eye out on our facebook events page to see when we're visiting a town near you, or even request that we come to your local board game night and we'll see what we can do!