DNAR Games Studio


Do Not Attempt Re-roll


DNAR is an independent game development company based in the UK.  Although not formally established until 2018, its origins can be traced to a pub in Brighton in the summer of '16 after Matt and Benjie had spent the day with friends playing board games and arguing about them.  They talked into the night about what they would make if they could, and later it was clear (granted, after a few pints) that the pair were going to make games for a living.


Benjamin Talbott

Co-Founder, Graphic Designer, Game Designer

Benjie has long been involved in the creative industries as a composer and producer of music for film and television, but his passion for creation won't be contained by a mere two professions - no, he's also an avid writer of prose and poetry.  Check out his personal website here.

Amongst a host of responsibilities, Benjie handles the majority of graphic design needed for the development of games here at DNAR.


Matthew Bullock

Co-Founder, Managing Director, Game Designer

Matt has always had a flair for creation, something which his day-job of being a doctor doesn't always provide.  Familiar with problem solving and staying on top of never ending lists, Matt handles the majority of the management and administration here at DNAR as well as overseeing the overall design of our projects.