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Vikings In Space: Developer's Diary

Viking In Space - 20.06.2018

With the UKGamesExpo now behind us, I thought it would be good to reflect on our experience and put together some advice for those budding game designers who are looking to exhibit next year.


So who will this blog benefit? Well, anyone who is hoping to attend next years expo as an exhibitor. Although some of the advice will be specific to game designers. A lot of it is just general stuff to keep in mind.


1) Do it!

So you have decided that you want to take and show off your awesome game/project to next year’s expo. That’s amazing, Book it now! A year might seem like an age away however those months catch up to you real quick. Especially with the expos year on year success it’s anticipated that it will be nearly double the size it was 2 years ago. That means more space, more stands, more exhibitors and more potential customers. You definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity to get your game out into the world. 

2) What next?

Boom! You have registered. Congrats. Now you’re browsing the website and literature about stands, dimensions, furniture, electricity wattage, exhibitor passes and arrival info. It can all seem a bit overwhelming. Deep breath. You got this. Actually a lot of the info you need is all on the website and associated pdfs. I recommend printing everything off and actually laying out the dimensions of the stands and tables somewhere at home so that you can visualise how much space you actually have. Here is where attending the expo previously helps as you can visualise a little easier how everything might look. If you haven’t that’s okay too. Remember that expo has an awesome team only an email away who are extremely helpful so don’t hesitate to drop them a line. 

3) Stuff and tings

General stuff any newbie exhibitor needs are a table or two, a 4footer is perfect - 4 chairs per table – a sheet to cover the tables with and 2-3 extendable vertical banners to create a back drop and to show off your awesome art. Tidy. 

4) Show time

So you have been super organised and you’ve got your game/project/prototype + other gear (banners e.c.t). The expo has fast approached and today is the day. So what do you actually do on the day I hear you ask. Well for starters get there early. Set up. Then get to know your neighbours. The community within the board game industry is a truly special group of people. They are welcoming, knowledgeable and super friendly. There’s definitely an atmosphere of cooperation not competition. So get stuck in, introduce yourself and ask questions. The people around you are on the same journey just at different stages; don’t be afraid to mine them for those golden nuggets of information. Always remember however, sharing is caring. So when some nervous newbie comes shuffling up to you in the not so distant future asking “aah wow your awesome...how did you do that?” Remember the people who helped you along the way and do the same. 

5) Tag team

As the days progresses and the crowds descend you will quickly find yourself being pulled in several directions. People looking curious wanting to know more, others wanting to play the game with others wanting to buy stuff. It is at this point you will wish there is 5 of you. So make sure there is! Try to wrangle a few friends to come help you over the course of the expo. This will free you up to chat to more people or to dash off to the toilet without missing valuable opportunities. 

6) The cheese

Finally, it sounds super cliche but “enjoy the moment”. Take stock of the journey you have been on to get to this place, all of the challenges that you have had to overcome, the sacrifices and all the awesome stuff that you have had to learn and do. I’m sure a lot of you are balancing your passion with life commitments like work, family and health.  This makes chasing your dream that much harder but I would argue it also makes it that much more awesome when you hit those milestones.

As ever,

Do not attempt re-roll.

Matthew Bullock