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Vikings In Space: Developer's Diary

Viking In Space - 10.05.2018

The physical prototype has arrived and it is glorious!

On the whole the products are of the quality that we hoped for.  Benjie has done a great job with the graphic design, and we feel we have done Ricardo's original artwork justice.  The Fortune, Specialist and Story card decks are crisp and have a lovely feel - they will be even more satisfying to play with post-kickstarter when we are able to get some of those premium finishes…

The dice are so satisfying; who doesn't love throwing a fistful of dice at their foe!

The only hiccup we have encountered is a slight printing error with the game box.  Apparently the printer must have been listening to Eiffel 65 on repeat that day as the box has an unmistakably blue tint.  We have been in contact with the manufacturer who will kindly reprint it for us.  We both have our fingers crossed that it will reach us before we head to the UK games expo.

So, next steps.  We are shifting heavily into operation “community engagement”.  We can now be found on the major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Click on any of the links to follow us and stay tuned!  We'll be posting regular pictures and updates there, though we'll continue to write fuller blog updates here.

As ever,

Do not attempt re-roll.

Matthew Bullock