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Vikings In Space: Developer's Diary

Vikings In Space - 17.04.2018

It's story time!  After a long time the story deck is finally back.  It's been a tough road to get this far but finally the narrative returns in full force with some fantastic miniature-story world-building and also game-affecting cards.

We've known for a long time that the success of 'Vikings In Space' will rest upon how connected people will feel to the subject matter i.e. Vikings, Space, and TV.  Some themes have been implicit since its conception, and for some people the mere mention of 'space' and 'vikings' is enough to start drooling, but the setting we are placing them against is that of celebrity warriors (both hero and monster alike) and as such presents more of a challenge.  We're confident that with the return of the story deck, all of these themes will sit alongside each other without question.


This is just one example of the current 42 unique story cards that will be available in the base game.  The come in various versions but the idea is that the player to the active player's left will read all of the italicised text out (unless the card tells them not to), but will never read out the details of the options to the active player, only the option titles - this will ensure that players have a meaningful decision to make but based on a narrative concept rather than a weighing of the scales.

We are aware that the longevity of the game somewhat rests on how quickly players are able to learn what the outcome of all of the options are, but fear not!  We're busy designing a TON of cards, partly to include in the base game, but also for expansions...

So that's the story so far (groan...).  We're really happy this type of card is back and fully implemented and ready for manufacturing!

As ever, 

Do not attempt re-roll.

Benjamin Talbott