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Vikings In Space: Developer's Diary

Vikings In Space - 02.02.2018

Ring those bells!  'Vikings In Space' enters closed group playtesting!

We're very lucky to have a fabulous group of dedicated board game breakers around us who are more than willing to tell us how terrible our ideas are and how we should give up and just walk into the ocean and keep on walking.  Love you guys!

So much stuff has already been fed back about the focus and narrative content, as well as smaller detailed issues surrounding the difficulty of balancing for different numbers of players.  Thus far though no major issues have arisen and everyone involved is excited about the idea and the overall game mechanics.  We'll update in a month or so to give a progress report as well as a list of our favourite changes that have happened as a result of rigorous playtesting.

So long for now!

As ever,

Do not attempt re-roll.

Benjamin Talbott