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Vikings In Space: Developer's Diary

Viking In Space - 24.04.2018

Exciting times - we've just put in the order for all the pieces we need manufacturing for the 'Vikings In Space' prototype!  We can't tell you how excited we are about receiving the first physical version of our game.  Tabletop simulator is super good at what we've been using it for, but nothing can really emulate the feel of OP cards in your hand or the sense of staring your enemies down across the table.

We decided to use 'MakeMyGame', a subsidiary of Stonemaier Games (full disclaimer we are not sponsored by either, just loved this service).  For what we wanted it was reasonably priced and had most components we required.  We are still going to have to do a fair amount of DIY ourselves, but we're confident that what we'll end up with will look the part and will hold its own next to any other tabletop game.

So, next steps.  We have yet to organise a lot of the promo assets we need for 'Vikings In Space' as we've been focussing on getting the game play-tested and components finalised, but now the main design phase is over we can dedicate our time to giving it the best possible chance of succeeding in an incredibly competitive but wonderful market.

As ever,

Do not attempt re-roll.

Benjamin Talbott